CHESS: Children,Health,Education and Supporting Services

Improving the quality of life in Villa El Carmen

There’s a lot to celebrate in Nicaragua!


Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere, and its rural population in particular lacks adequate access to health care and education. Approved in March 2007, the goal of the Children, Health, Education and Supporting Services (CHESS) project is to assist the municipality of Villa El Carmen, Nicaragua, in achieving community empowerment through improved primary school education and health.

Over the course of the 28 month project, the program aims to develop, implement, and coordinate a sustainable and replicable partnership model that could be operational in most of the communities of Villa El Carmen.

This project builds on existing primary school peer-mentoring programs, primary youth leadership programs, mother’s nutrition programs, parent teacher associations and health education programs in primary schools that are constantly being strengthened in the target communities. The CHESS project extends and enhances these important initiatives through many diverse programs. Please read on to find out more "About Us" in CHESS.

Building Partnerships for Sustainable Development

CHESS Funding Partners:
Gran Pacifica, Nicaragua
Rotary Club of Pittsburgh
Programa Alianzas (USAid)

Managing Partner:
innerCHANGE associates international, llc (iCHai)

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